logologo #KurdistanForum 17–18 November 2020

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Get Access to Kurdistan’s Economic Strategy, Wherever You Are

Over recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in the oil and gas sectors, defined by technological improvements, acceleration in efficiency measures, changing social preferences and governments policies to address climate change and air pollution globally. Facing these challenges, Kurdistan Iraq Economic Forum gives you the opportunity to:


What Our Attendees Say About CWC Iraq Events

Over the past 22 years, CWC, fully owned by GFEn, has been working with global communities, building on the long term initiative for growth and prosperity, to help deliver more investment and recognition in of the oil and gas industry. We believe that the sector is fundamental in driving economic growth and innovation. You can read more testimonials from our Attendees who participated in our physical events – Iraq Petroleum, Kirkuk & Mosul and Basra Megaprojects. We are proud to have worked with with the European Mission in Iraq, the Iraqi Government, REFAATO the Federal Ministry of Oil, the representatives of Kirkuk and Mosul, and many others.


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Delegate Snapshot

*Delegate figures based on Basra Megaprojects Past Attendees

Part of the CWC Iraq Portfolio of Events

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Nawar Abdulhadi Call: +44 20780093 or email Kurdistan@thecwcgroup.com

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Mohamad Kantar Jason Adjalo
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